Thomas Boone Pickens’s Luxury Ranch Hits the Market for $250 Million 

Thomas Boone Pickens, the chairman for the hedge fund BP Capital Management, passed away on September 11th in 2019. His luxury Mesa Vista Ranch located in Roberts County, Texas, is currently on the market for $250 million. It is currently one of the most expensive properties for sale. 

The state highway splits the ranch into the west division of 48,000 acres and the east division that encompasses more than 16,000 acres. The property covers 25 miles on the south side of the Canadian River that travels through the Texas Panhandle. 

The Mesa Vista Ranch features an airport, a hangar, a library that has spiral staircases, a conference room, a theatre room, a separate office, and an additional 25,000 square ft. for patio and parking areas. For entertainment, the lodge has a tennis court, a skeet/trap range and a golf course.  

West of the main lodge is the family house that features 6,000 square ft. of living space with an additional 2,500 square ft. for patios. The two-story building includes five bedrooms and five bathrooms, a lovely living area with a fireplace, and a large kitchen, perfect for family gatherings. Interiors include hardwood oak flooring with accent oak beams.

North of the family house is the pub. It features 2,250 square ft. of living space, two bedrooms, a game room, a kitchen, and a gym. The rustic interior is combined with a rock fireplace.

The luxury ranch also includes a gun room, which is used to store guns. The room features over 400 square ft. It includes a lounge area, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The interiors feature a wood-frame structure with a concrete foundation, a steel roof and hardwood floors.

A fascinating Chapel constructed in 2007 is located on the north end of the Lodge Compound area. Pickens married his fifth wife in this Chapel.

In addition, a lake house is included. It is a luxury building that has been featured by Architectural Digest Magazine. It includes approximately 11,500 square ft. of living area with an additional 3,800 square ft. outside.

Amenities include an enormous living room with a gorgeous dining area and a fireplace, a master bedroom with a private bath and two bathrooms, a kitchen and utility room. The spiral staircases made of France imported stones lead to the guest rooms. Three bathrooms, a wine cellar, and a tasting room are on the second floor. An office, a gym, a cedar closet, mechanical and storm/safe rooms are located on the first floor. The lake house features oak vaulted ceilings throughout, wood cabinets, granite, and marble countertops. It also has an outdoor balcony that overlooks the amazing water views.

This property is listed for 250 million dollars on the market. A great amount that proceeds from the sale of the Mesa Vista Ranch will be directed to the T. Boone Pickens Foundation to fund a variety of philanthropic charitable commitments.