The “Full House” Home is Available in San Francisco

A Full House superfan may appreciate the opportunity to purchase the actual house pictured in the legendary sitcom for $5.99 million. This 3,728 square foot Victorian home was built in 1883, and is located in the charming Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

While the exterior is iconic, visitors may note that the interior is very different than the television program depicts. Both Full House and Fuller House were shot in studios in Los Angeles. The property was bought in 2016 by Jeff Franklin, the creator of Full House, who renovated and modernized the interior.

The sleek interior features generous open living space. Large windows allow abundant natural light, furthering the open and airy feel of the sitting rooms.

Franklin updated all of the appliances, replacing them with only high-quality options. The kitchen features a bold blue and white color scheme, with an incorporated refrigerator, a temperature controlled wine cabinet, and eight gas burners.

The space has four bedrooms, including a top-floor suite, and four bathrooms to match. The bedrooms feature numerous large windows to bathe the space in natural light, which is on trend with the rest of the house.

Finally, behind the house is an English garden and patio. Sharply trimmed bushes typify the English style, and the entire space is comfortably enclosed by a tall wooden fence.

While the interior may not evoke the same nostalgia as the exterior, this Victorian home is beautiful inside and out.