Frank Llyod Wright’s Last Home Sold for $1.67 Million

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as his final residential masterpiece, the Norman Lyke House is sold for $1,677,500. The public auction took place in Phoenix on October 16th. Also known as the Circular Sun House, the contemporary home was auctioned off by Heritage Auction with no minimum starting price to the highest bidder. 

Starting off with a conservative bid of $75,000, the iconic contemporary house drew in over 20 immediate bidders. According to Nate Schar, director of luxury real estate at Heritage Auction, the final price of $1.67 million bid came from an unidentified out-of-state buyer who intends to use the residence for vacation purposes.  

Known for his smooth blend of architecture with humanity and the environment, Wright has designed over 1000 structures in his life. His last work before his passing was the Norman Lyke House — an architectural gem located on the edge of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Rather than building the house on the mountain, the house was built based on the beauty of the mountain terrain. A series of curves and arcs melds with the rise and fall of the boulders and cliff surrounding the house. 

In the form of a circle, the house was designed in a way that the interior would always bathe in natural light without receiving direct sunlight from the window. The residence includes three bathrooms, two living areas and an office on the second floor, all with a 360-degree view. Simple luxury can be found in amenities such as the garden terrace, indoor wet bar as well as a fountain lined with mother of pearl. Lastly, it can’t be called a Wright-designed home if Philloppine Mahagony is not found in the residence. The Circular Sun House has the reddish-brown timber all through the residence, giving it a modern but classy and lavish touch.