Ellen DeGeneres Sells Her California Beach House for $23M

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi are no strangers to the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate, especially in the greater Los Angeles area.


So it’s no surprise the couple was able to sell this property significantly more than they bought it for. The couple picked up the Carpinteria beach house  in 2017 for $18.5 million. After living there for just over two years, they listed it in June and closed at $23 million—just a mil shy of ask. The home was on the open market for less than three weeks when the deal was sealed.


They did put some money into it, with a limited update that brought the home into a more contemporary era and improved the home’s feeling of transparency. The plank floors remain, but gone is the honey; most of the original glass remains, but the series windows that strongly associated the house with its c. 1980 vintage also vanished.


The house is fit to be a billionaire’s beach getaway, and features a master suite designed for two, although there are four bedrooms overall. It was cosmetics mogul Jamie Kern Lima who was entranced enough by the house and its remarkably quiet seaside setting to pony up the considerable funds to call it a home away from home.