Luxury Index | Yachts

1. Streets of Monaco


This insane yacht is the most expensive in the world and it doesn’t even have an owner yet. The detailed masterpiece is still under construction but once its finished you can imagine helipads, pools, cinemas and more.

2. Eclipse
$450,000,000 – $1,200,000,000


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich owns a yacht that is so expensive its construction value is kept a secret. Its been estimated at around $1.5 billion. Features include its own private defense system, two helipads and a private submarine.


3. Dubai


Owned by the Sheik of Dubai, this royal yacht includes its own glass staircase.


4. Superyacht A


This vessel has three swimming pools and a master suite that can accommodate up to six guests. It also has two other boats on board.

5. Al Said


This super-yacht includes a concert hall that can accommodate a large orchestra. It reaches 22 knots, has a crew of 154, and accommodates 70 people.

May 2015 Index 131



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