Judah Hertz Lists Beautiful Beachfront Malibu Mansion

Real estate investor, and founder of Hertz Investment Group, Judah Hertz, has listed his massive Balinese-style Malibu compound for $65M.

A 1.22-acre lot holds this 10,000 square ft contemporary residence, one of the largest properties in the neighborhood. It features a palm-lined entrance, five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a two-bedroom guesthouse, and a 4-car garage, all in a one-story home with luxurious touches and finishes.

The property includes luxurious amenities such as a well-illuminated tennis court, a family room, a library with built-in bookshelves, fireplaces, a home theater, two powder rooms, a changing room, a bar that opens to the patio, wine storage, a spa, lovely green lawns, a cabana, and an infinity pool. The master suite includes a massive bathroom and dressing rooms with large closets.

Hertz Investment Group Acquires 14 Commercial Properties - MortgageOrb

The U-shaped home’s interiors were designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard,  an English interior designer based in L.A.. Every room allows views to the ocean, the outdoors, and into the breathtaking entry pool. 

The property was built in 1993, and renovated in 2016. Its interiors are a work of art, having hand-carved wood accents, Asian-inspired light fixtures, and modern, one-of-a-kind details. It’s currently on the market for $65,000,000.

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Anna Paquin Selling Peculiar Mansion in Venice CA, for $14M

Canadian-New Zealand actress, Anna Paquin, is listing this mansion in Venice, California for $14M. The property is just a block from the beach and its exterior clad comes from wood recycled from benches at the Hollywood Bowl. Its uniqueness is incomparable, the wooden exterior still shows the seat numbers from the legendary music venue, which is only noticeable if you’re looking for it.

The Hollywood Bowl replaced its cedar benches in 2014, in which people sat on since 1981. David Hertz, an eco-friendly architect, acquired the wood and designed a one-of-a-kind five-bedroom masterpiece.

A Closer Look at the Hollywood Bowl, Past and Present

The 7,000+ sq. ft residence is set on a 5,278 sq. ft lot, and features solar electrical and thermal systems, energy-efficient lighting, natural ventilation, reclaimed teak flooring, and recycled construction materials. In addition, the home includes the luxury-amenity-necessities, such as a sauna, a gym, an elevator, a private office on the second floor, and a semi-indoor pool.

The nine-bath mansion was acquired by Paquin and her husband, Stephen Moyer, back in 2010 for over $1.2M. Back then, the property was a one-bedroom home which is now used as a guesthouse since the massive upgrade in 2017.

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Early Apple Investor Lists California Compound

Mike Markkula, an early investor in Apple, started assembling this compound north of San Fran in the 1980s. At 14,200 acres, the place stands as the largest single parcel in California’s Carmel Valley.

This month the estate hit the market at an asking price of $37.5 million, which is a few million short of its last list price.

Rana Creek is a working cattle ranch. The actual creek runs through seven miles of the eight miles of property, but it’s only one of many water features on the plot. The hilly terrain has elevations ranging from 900 to 3,400 feet ASL.

The main house is a 7,000 square footer, and there are five other buildings on the property, excluding the guest house. A conference building, agricultural buildings—including a greenhouse—and barns, corrals and storage are also included. Fifty miles of road exist on the property.

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kunal Nayyar Lists Hollywood Hills Residence for $4M

Kunal Nayyar, better known as “Rajesh Koothrappali” from the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” listed a spot in Hollywood Hills for $3.995M earlier this week.

The vintage, Mediterranean-style home gets 100 points for its fantastic exterior, featuring several patios and terraces with great designs that give one views of the palms, shrubs, flowering trees, vines, and Italian stone around. Amenities include a couple water fountains, a fireplace, a large pool, a grill station, a bar, and sitting and dining areas.

The estimated 4,000 sq ft main house was recently renovated by the actor and his model wife Neha Kapur to have a somewhat more contemporary design. The 1940’s home has exposed beams, natural-toned oak floors, and new lighting installations. Also, the mansion includes French doors and modern luxurious appliances.

The entry displays a formal living room with custom-built details and a wet bar. The sky-lit chef’s kitchen is filled with exclusive details such as high-quality tiles and floors. The main house includes three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms; one of which is the master suite with a massive bathroom. In addition, the private office offers large windows that allow residents to enjoy the garden views to relax while working at home. You might also notice two guesthouses from that viewpoint, which both have a bedroom and a private bathrooms.

Nayar finished taping the last episode of the “Big Bang Theory” last year, and has since worked on other projects such as “Think Like a Dog”, which was recently released by Amazon, and an Apple series called “Suspicion” that is still in production.

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Musk’s Spec-Building-Buyer Lists LA Rental for $350,000/Month

Ardie Tavangarian, a developer in LA, has a penchant for luxurious homes.

His 2019 home sold for a quick $75M, but his latest creation, a villa with two safe rooms and a retractable roof for stargazing, isn’t for sale. Instead, he’s renting out the Palisades estate.

At $350,000/month.

Tavangarian saw that people have wanted more luxurious, amenity-packed rentals during the pandemic.

The price is ambitious, and within reason. The property debuts at a difficult time for the luxury market. Sales in cities that were hit hard, like New York, have slowed, while Los Angeles has started to pull forward. The spring market is still showing some signs of resistance from the pandemic, like showing restrictions and buyers who are unsure of how to handle Covid uncertainty.

Tavangarian revealed that Elon Musk already toured the property. Considering his recent decision to sell all his homes, this was likely Mr. Tavangarian’s interview for the deal him and Musk are currently working out. Four of Musk’s properties, some adjacent to each other in The Hills, will go to Tavangarian. The tour of the developer’s own property was probably to show his design prowess and prove to Musk that he was worth striking the deal.

Overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains, with the ocean in the distance, we find roughly an acre of land next door Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The land cost Mr. Tavangarian about $7.25 million 7 years ago. It’s hard to tell how much he spent on renovations, but the accent wall spanning the side of the home cost $2M alone.

This six-bed comes with a fully stocked wine cellar, a spa, and a movie theater. The garage doubles as an entertainment venue with it’s large turntable that transforms into a dance floor.

The master suite is accessed casually via retinal scanner. It has a custom roof that retracts to reveal the sky either through glass, or nothing at all so you can float into the stars. This sky-portal also doubles as a great surface for projecting movies.

The art throughout the house was handpicked by Tavangarian, forming a catalogue including the likes of Damien Hirst.

Outside we find the infinity pool with a hidden jacuzzi, cabanas, a sauna pod, and an outdoor dining area enclosed in olive trees. The driveway consists of concrete squares with grass dividers, and you’ll find parking spots that raise to reveal more car storage. See the video below to see the Hollywood Mercedes going for a ride on one of the rotating spaces. It includes a whole virtual tour that you’ll want to witness. Check it out:

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Will Arnett Lists His Glass House in The Hills for $11M

Will Arnett, star of the hit Netflix show Bojack Horseman, is letting go of his custom Beverly Hills home for nearly $11,000,000. The actor acquired the property for $2.86M back in 2015, according to public records. 

Architect Suchi Reddy, and Living Homes, collaborated on this glass-and-steel estate worthy of the Dwell magazine cover it got.

The place was completed in 2017, and features five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a gym, a guest wing, and a recording studio. The property is 4,000 sq ft of living space, in which light and natural air flows throughout the open layout through floor to ceiling windows. The spacious and modern estate accounts sits on a 0.76-acre- lot and has a formal living room, an open kitchen with built-in details in the dining area, a private office that can be also converted into a guest room, and a master suite at the top floor that includes a private terrace and a bathroom one could play baseball in.

The exclusive outdoor amenities are comfortable, yet astonishing. They include an infinity pool and spa, a barbecue station, a fireplace, and dining areas. Treetops adorn the extensive yard which was shrunken to include two garage spaces, totaling six parking areas.

The gated residence is not the first estate the Canadian native listed in the U.S.. In 2017, the actor sold his share of the West Village condos in NYC to his ex-wife, Amy Poehler, after their split in 2016. The “Baby Mama” actress bought the share for $6.49M. Both properties reportedly merged into one unit.

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NHL Player Lists $16m New Jersey Chateau

Ilya Kovalchuk, left wing for the Capitals, listed his New Jersey castle this month. The listing price comes in at $16 million for a 22,000 square foot, 2018 construction. Kovalchuk listed this last year for $2m more at $18m.

The chateau’s exterior features as many turrets and spires as it should, making the home a palatial centerpiece for its two-acre lot.

The interior is unfinished, leaving it open for customization pre-move-in. It contains a dining room with entertaining potential, a great room, a bar and lounge room, a library, and a guest bedroom with en suite bath.

The amenities, like the home theater, a large indoor pool, the secondary pool in the basement, a spa and gym, a wine room, and a games room, speak for themselves.

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Kanye West’s Multi-Million Dollar Wyoming Ranch Project

Welcome to West Lake Ranch, the 4,000-acre spread containing two entire lakes that offer incredible trout fishing, millions worth of vehicles, caves with pictographs left by indigenous tribespeople, and thousands of wild animals.

We mean Thousands, like, at least 700 sheep. The guy we commissioned to count keeps passing out around 690 though, so we still don’t know exactly.

yeezy sheep

West hasn’t done much to the property since purchasing it last (red) October. There are still sleeping cabins clustered along the main drive, two big barns, the eating cabin West has turned into a bare-bones studio, in the middle of which exists a white board that says “Yeezy Business Development,” and, out across the way, a few un-winterized camp outposts.

Other than changing the name from Monster Lake Ranch, the only things marking Kanye’s new ownership are the vehicles. There’s an army of matte black Raptors, a double-digit fleet of matte black SHERP ATVs, a handful of… wait for it… matte black UTVs, and, of course, the tank.

Did we mention the tank’s paint job?

Then there’s the big dig. GQ’s head editor, Will Welch, took a tour in one of the Raptors and described it like this:

“At the foot of West Lake Ranch’s grandest feature—a dramatic cliffscape that looks like it was created when one massive plate of earth crashed spectacularly up against another in some unknowable prehistoric era—is a tremendous excavation of terrain about the size of a sports arena. It is the ultimate spot for Kanye West to mark a big X and start digging. The next morning, while shooting pictures, we will climb up the back side of the cliff. “When we went up on the moon rocks and looked down,” Kanye says later, “you saw something the size of a spaceship.” Clearly this is not Wyoming ranch business as usual. This is the first sign that the strange future of this otherwise unassuming tract of land is already under way.”

It’s always kind of seemed like Kanye West knows something we don’t. With the militarization and futurization of this plot of land, in Wyoming, far away from big cities and coastlines, it makes you wonder.

Through the course of Welch’s tour with West, he went all over the place over the course of five weeks. In that time, from private jet, truck, to lobby, there were always architects within earshot of West.

The project they’re working on is evolving like a living thing, and is meant as a revolutionary worksite. As West continues with this next stage of his life, of choir-rap albums, Paris fashion week, and harvesting his own wool for his clothing line, the goal morphs but remains the same at its core. They are developing a Yeezy campus– an attempted shift in the paradigm– and it’s coming together impressively.

kanye west wyoming dome

West and his team of architects is working with a team of alleged superstar designers. James Turrell (Tyrell? Blade Runner??) is a light and space artist that partially inspired this project, Alex Vervoordt is an interior design wizard, and Claudio Silvestrin is an actual architect.

When West refers to architects, he means designers and creators of all kinds– the architects of the future. They are working towards a constantly morphing design of dome shaped, pod-like rooms, in an attempt to establish a style, modulate it, and bring it to new markets like New York and Calabasas.

It seems like West would like to establish the architectural style of the coming era. The goal is to find a way to mass produce this style of home, the way he does with his clothing lines, make it sustainable, and sell them.

Zach Walters, one of the teams many architects, says these domes are the second version of this project. The first was tested with plywood on a 300-acre plot in Calabasas.

kanye calabasas domes

“We had dinner in there every day for one or two months… We changed [the plans] every single day. We built a waterfall shower, put moss on the floor, just tried everything to refine that language,” says Walters.

One of the coolest features of this massive dome getting built in Wyoming? It’s something West and his team established a long time ago. The whole thing is skate-able, as in skateboarding. “That was the original brief for this house. “[We have to make it] completely skateable”” West said in an interview, as his team nodded behind him.

The whole dome is an effort to reimagine the way we operate in interior spaces. It focuses on one of the most important pieces of our lives: light. All we see is light reflected back to us. How that happens– what kind of light, from what angle, how much of it– changes the entire energy of how we receive it.

When one of the main members of the Yeezy team is a light artist, it’s clear that West recognizes and utilizes this fact to create these new environments. A more all-encompassing approach to design that’s focused on the entire environment, which, after all, is what all art aims to grow into; an immersive experience on every level.

We’re excited to see where West takes this, and we have high hopes for it’s future, as well as how it might inspire others to take similar steps if they aren’t already. Check back here for updates on “The Big Dig,” Kanye’s real estate portfolio, and, as always, to contact us for all of your real estate needs.

Former MLB All-Star Lists Tuscan-Gothic, Santa Fe Property

James Shields, former MLB pitcher, is listing this vast estate in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, for nearly $6.5M after purchasing the property in 7 years ago for over $4M.

The tunnel of trees escorting us to the front door is reminiscent of a walk through an olive grove with those ancient stonewall lay-lines in the surrounding forest. The interior holds true to that style. The tuscan-gothic home that greets us with what feels incredibly Italian, shows Californian luxury at it’s roots.

The single-family house is over 10,000 sq. ft., featuring six bedrooms, seven-and-a-half bathrooms, a four-car garage, and a separate RV garage; all set on a 2-acre lot. The home’s open floor plan showcases it’s tile floors and luxurious dark wood finishes. That Tuscan-Gothic style is further upheld by the wrought-iron details throughout the home; like the light fixtures, furniture, and also the stone used throughout the interior.

The home includes a large kitchen with dual islands and high-level appliances, a master suite, a home theater, a fully-equipped gym, and a room designed for entertaining with it’s bar and a pool table.

Out back we find a barbecue station and plenty of sitting and dining areas. The massive in-ground pool acts as a centerpiece with its own centerpiece; a waterfall. The patio also includes a swim-up bar, and off to the side the white sands serve as a beach volleyball court. Two things are clear; this home is  rather impressive feat, and the architect must take a lot of coastal European/Caribbean resort vacations.

The residence is located in a guard-gated community called Fairbanks Ranch, which is surrounded by lakes, an equestrian center, tennis and golf courts, and natural trails for leg-friendly walks. The estate is  also only 20 miles north of downtown. This is the perfect home for someone who wants to live the California dream, but from a position where they can retreat home and regroup in their own environment.

The 38-year-old former athlete played for the Chicago White Sox from 2016 to 2018. He began his career in 2006 with the Tampa Bay Rays, and was an All-Star in 2011.

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Clippers Star Paul George Lists Hidden Hills Mansion for $9.5M

Paul George, six-time NBA All-Star, five-time All-NBA Team selection, and small forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, moved to L.A from Oklahoma less than a year ago. However, the athlete has already listed his Hidden Hills property for nearly $9.5M. It’s possible he is considering a professional move, but since he got the place in 2016 for $7.4M, it’s reasonable to think it’s just a smart $2.1M (money) move.

The nearly 16,000 sq. ft. property features an open floor plan, seven bedrooms, and seven and a half bathrooms, two beamed staircases, cathedral ceilings, stone and wood floors, tile and stone counters, and high-level appliances… all on a 1.35-acre lot.

At the entrance, guests are greeted with a circular driveway and an estimated 4,000 sq. ft. great room, the interiors also include sliding glass doors that open into the outdoors and allow magnificent panoramic views. The home contains several living rooms, a formal dining room, a recently remodeled chef’s kitchen, a home theater, a study, a large exercise room with a steam shower, a wine cellar,  plus a bonus room that has potential as a library or game room. The master suite is cozy yet luxurious, having two fireplaces, an all-stone bath with a sitting area, a private patio, and massive walk-in closets.

The outdoors are stunning and include a lovely pool, and spa. An all-stone deck, a basketball court, a fire pit, a couple of fountains, a BBQ center with dining and sitting areas, and a music and T.V center only serve to top it off. You’ll also find the home has lovely patios and yards full of fruit and shade trees.

The Hidden Hills are an exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles with plenty of famous inhabitants. The property is just next door to a massive home owned by Dodgers’ Vin Scully, and around the corner from Youtube celebrity Jeffrey Star’s large estate. There are several A-listers living within the area including Jessica Simpson, Jonh Stamos, Kardashian family members, and more.

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