New Luxury Community to Run Entirely on Clean Energy


Walden Monterey, a cutting edge and eco-friendly 600-acre luxury community, is being developed 2 hours south of San Francisco, with starting prices around $5 million per 20-acre plot.

The community’s developers labeled it an “agrihood,” a housing collective with an emphasis on sustainability and communal farming. Its purpose is to provide a rural escape – like those in Napa Valley and Carmel – in a more accessible location for Silicon Valley’s elite. The zen homes feature amenities like sunrise yoga platforms, treehouses, and meditation gardens for a next-generation approach to country club living.

“The difference between the buyer at this property and the kind at Pebble Beach is that one wants a home on a golf course and one wants a home in nature with like-minded people,” says Walden Monterey developer Nick Jekogian.

The company says the homes to be built on the property are to have zero net impact on the environment, even going so far as to have solar-powered front gates. The builders will use renewable energy sources throughout the construction process, and tree removal is forbidden at any time. This could hopefully hint at a shift in the real estate market towards renewable energy and sustainability as a standard for luxury living.

Five of the 22 under-construction plots have already been sold, and a waitlist of over 100 hopeful Walden residents is under review. Jekogian says, while the company cannot release private information such as names of these prospective buyers, that most of them are executives from tech and development companies like Google.

“Much of the early interest comes from people involved in businesses that have been at the forefront of both innovation and social engagement,” Jekogian says.

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