Cryptocurrency Transactions Rising in Popularity in Real Estate Market


Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum

The real estate market is not immune to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency transactions. As popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin grow in value and the benefits of a secure, coded block-chain transaction gain prevalence, the real estate market is becoming slowly intertwined with the possibility of cryptocurrency-based sales and rentals.

The benefits of block-chain transactions boast value within the real estate climate; From international transactions any time of day and the freedom to dictate fees as the seller pleases, to the security of cryptographically protected currency.

Cryptocurrency and block-chain transactions can be completed overnight. In this vein, ManageGo, an app for landlords and renters, allows tenants to pay their rent with cryptocurrency through the app, as well as request maintenance to their apartment. ManageGo crafts a portal by which landlords can receive secure funds by the next day and renters can file grievances or requests at any time.

The integration of cryptocurrency into mainstream real estate practice will only become present as cryptocurrency gains traction in other areas of the retail and consumer market. In other words, it is popular, but not mainstream enough. Cryptocurrency’s presence in the real estate world hinges upon this.

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