Bel Air’s Bourgeois Hilltop Wonder


Among Bel Air’s bourgeois hilltops sits a wonder. The most expensive home listed in America that redefines luxury. $250 million for the home at 924 Bel Air Road dwarfs the likes of the Play Boy Mansion with a 38,000 sq. ft. property with panoramic views, 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, five bars, three kitchens, a studio, an 85-foot Italian glass infinity pool, out door hydraulic theater sized screen, a James Bond themed indoor cinema, and a bowling alley.


Developer Bruce Makowsky is luring the uber-wealthy to Bel Air with the ultimate living experience complemented by crocodile-embossed elevator, 130 art installations, glass Ping-Pong and pool tables, 56 TV screens, and the best part a Willy Wonka styled glass cylinders filled with the most delicious of candies.


Makowsky has literally redefined what is means to live the luxurious lifestyle with this Bel Air listing with a roof adornment, the helicopter from the 1980’s TV show Airwolf, a fleet of luxury and vintage cars valued at $30 million, 10 motorcycles, and two years paid salary for 7 household staff.

This $250 million home has set a new standard for luxurious living and quite possibly could be the eighth wonder of the world.

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