Castles Unlimited® Joins Leverage Global Partners

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.12.59 PM

We are proud to announce that we have officially joined Leverage Global Partners as the exclusive listing agent for Newton, MA. The Leverage Network has over 5,713 agents operating in 16 countries with 295 offices serving 163 markets. Below is a brief description from the Leverage website.

“Experience the global real estate network with an independent spirit. Inspired by a steadfast determination to elevate the field of play, Leverage Global Partners empowers an international network of prestigious independent real estate companies through shared intelligence, agile marketing strategies, and entrepreneurial connectivity. Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been carefully selected as demonstrating innovative leadership and peerless integrity in the field of real estate.

Leverage is committed to providing an elevated level of service in each of our relationships – with members, their clients, and our consumers. Our members are independent leaders in real estate who hold themselves to a high standard of excellence. Their clients’ properties are featured as some of the most beautiful and luxurious properties in each market we serve. Our consumers engage in the best in real estate and lifestyle content in a vibrant a memorable way.”

Visit Leverage and Castles Unlimited® for more information.

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