Luxury Travel Destinations: Bali

With summer right around the corner we decided to highlight some of the most luxurious travel destinations around the world. Sometimes we all need a vacation, and these resorts define what it means to get away.

First up, Bali and the Mulia Villas located in Nusa Dua.

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This Indonesian island is the definition of paradise, surrounded by clear blue oceans and white sands. It feels like something right out of a fantasy, and the island offers numerous benefits to its tourists. The Mulia Villas in Nusa Dua offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean as well as the Balinese Geger Temple.

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The property is a tropical oasis made up of 108 modern, stylish villas located on 75 acres in the hills of Nusa Dua. The resort offers complete privacy for its guests and in addition each villa is assigned a private butler on call to take care of during your stay. There are villas ranging from one bedroom all the way up to the grand six-bedroom Mulia Mansion.

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Each villa has its own garden and contains a hydrotherapy swimming pool, granting you access to a water therapy session at your leisure. Each villa also includes a Balinese-style pavilion. Bathrooms include both indoor and outdoor shower options and a jacuzzi tub.

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The resort complex has 9 restaurants and bars that guests at the Villas are free to visit. The resort staffs over 100 chefs from around the world that specialize in every type of authentic cuisine you can think of.

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There are several activities on site included in your room rate, from a high tech gym staffed with personal trainers, yoga, and pilates instructors, to a Mulia Kidz Club filled with ingenious games and stimulating activities. The large holistic spa is filled with 20 treatment rooms and luxurious extras such as a steam room, ice room, hydrotherapy pools, and a spa.

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